Finding the Right Time to Outsource Order Fulfillment

Companies of all sizes can find significant savings by outsourcing their order fulfillment departments, in essence having their own products drop-shipped by third-party logistics companies, known as 3LP.

But when is the right time, in a business’ development, to take the major step of relinquishing this part of the operation?

Generally speaking, it can be done at any time, and by any size business. Successful start-ups can save a lot of money through hiring an outside fulfillment company, and large companies can shift the burden of large overhead costs to others, whose specialty it is to deal with packaging, shipping and inventory control.

When to Outsource Order Fulfillmentq

For many smaller companies, the perceived loss of oversight can seem daunting, but in reality, as the owner or shipping manager, your control remains the same, except that it is accomplished through advanced, web-based interfaces rather than physically.

In most cases and for most companies, the right time to outsource your order fulfillment department is immediately before getting ready to hire full-time staff to operate your own in-house fulfillment department. This will prevent you from growing your payroll, as well as stop in its track your own inventory storage requirements, which can grow exponentially.

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