Improve Customer Satisfaction

There are many advantages to outsourcing your order fulfillment department. Most have to do with the significant money savings that can be had by dealing with a company that does nothing else but ship products, and it very good at it. Other advantages include saving you time as well as money.

In short, outsourcing your order fulfillment to a Canadian fulfillment center can allow you to liberate precious resources and reinvest them in core areas of your business, allowing you to grow.

Another major advantage of outsourcing your entire shipping department can be increased customer service, which in turn can lead to increase customer loyalty and greater profits.

Improve Customer Loyalty with Order FulfillmentThe chances are good you did not get in business to be really good at shipping products; at best, it is a department you care about because of the impact its dereliction could have on your business.

Order fulfillment companies, or 3PLs, are dedicated exclusively to packaging and shipping products; they are very good at it, and understand that the more successful you are, the better off they are, and vice-versa: a true symbiotic relationship.

Whether you are an ecommerce merchant or a traditional retailer or distributor, 3PLs can work with you in a highly integrated way, accelerating order processing on every level of the fulfillment process. Integration means fewer errors and faster shipping, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

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